Please take notice of the affiliation between the following companies, which collectively are referred to as E.S. Real Estate Consortium: E.S. Investment, Inc., Whole Sale Real Estate, LLC, E.S. Design and Construction, LLC, Construction Loan Company, LLC and E.S. Realty Group, LLC.

E.S. Real Estate Consortium has no other business affiliations with any company other than those mentioned in this document.

Although the aforementioned companies are all separate and distinct legal entities, each company shares common ownership. Because E.S. Real Estate Consortium believes that the services provided by our affiliated companies are the most effective and efficient method of achieving the objectives of our members, we encourage you to utilize their services. Please note, however, utilization of our affiliated companies is neither a requirement nor a condition of doing business with E.S. Real Estate Consortium.

Members should also be aware of their rights to seek out, at will, the guidance of non-affiliated companies that provide similar services.

Please note that all transactions between E.S. Real Estate Consortium, its affiliated companies and clients are strictly confidential, and shall not be disclosed in any manner or form, directly or indirectly, to any person or entity except as it may be necessary to effectuate the terms of any agreement between client and E.S. Real Estate Consortium or its affiliated companies.

Further, a member shall not discuss, comment upon, disparage, or disclose any information, in any manner or form, directly or indirectly to any person or entity.