E.S. Real Estate Consortium strives to be the industry standard in meeting the needs of a real estate investor. Whether you are a first-time home buyer or improving upon a profitable real estate investment portfolio, ESREC works to become your first choice
for developing investment properties.

E.S. Real Estate Consortium is not an investment club. It is the parent entity of multiple companies which each take on roles and responsibilities throughout
various processes of real estate investment.


To connect well vetted investors to industry educators and other skilled professionals while facilitating successful and lucrative investment strategies through a use of best practices and leading-edge software applications.


To use the latest technology-based applications so to facilitate lucrative real estate ventures between qualified investors and experienced professionals in the real estate investment market place.

Our investor and developer cyber portal tools always guide our clients to industry-leading agency experts who specialize in property listing. These tools and features continue to gain popularity in the community of real estate investment.

We specialize in:

We assist our members in locating investment property that has the potential to produce a maximum return for our investors. Members will receive listings of private residential and commercial properties from which to choose. These properties fall into different types of investing, such as: rental management, ownership and sales. Each of these types of investments come with different levels of risk and require different amounts of capital. We provide guidance to potential clients to help them navigate this process of selecting what works best for them.

We offer the different financing solutions that are suitable for our investors budget. While there is no such think as 100 percent financing, there are smart financial opportunities we help our clients identify. He can help clients obtain equity share agreements to help offset the cost on things like construction.
We provide our clients with both short term and long term budgeting advice. We also specialize in financial literacy education in all aspects of budgeting. It is important to understand that with investments of any kind, there is an inherent level of risk involved. Our educational initiatives provide potential clients with he tools they need to help them make informed and intelligent decisions.
We specialize in custom renovations and additions, restorations, custom new homes, and commercial and residential uplifts. Using our construction services, investors are provided details through each phase of the process. This follows from the initial estimates to the final walk though. With more than 10 years of experience in floor planning and interior design, people come to us when they want the job done right.

Our Construction Managers will coordinate and supervise a wide variety of projects, including the building of all types of residential and business estates. Our services include overseeing specialized contractors and other personnel. These contractors schedule and coordinate all design and construction processes to ensure a productive and safe work environment.
They also make sure jobs are completed on time, on budget and with the right tools, equipment, and materials. Managers make it their responsibility to obtain the necessary permits and licenses, even while handling multiple projects at one time.
With years of experience in buying, selling, and managing investment properties, we have the competitive edge to help our investors make their investment properties work. Our goal is to assist our real estate investors, so they achieve reaching maximum profits of their investments and overall growth of their investment portfolio.
We offer strategic marketing investment tools that help our investor’s members attract new clients and maximize assets under management in compliance with SEC rules and regulations.
We provide current lists of active buyers for the prospective property(s). Working with investors and teaming up with a wholesaler brings greater benefit. We are able to negotiate better prices, facilitate inspections and financing and work with vetted attorneys or agents.

Dear Investor:

Please take notice of the affiliation between the following companies, which collectively are referred to as E.S. Real Estate Consortium: E.S. Investment, Inc., Whole Sale Real Estate, LLC, E.S. Design and Construction, LLC, Construction Loan Company, LLC and E.S. Realty Group, LLC.

E.S. Real Estate Consortium has no other business affiliations with any company other than those mentioned in this document.

Although the aforementioned companies are all separate and distinct legal entities, each company shares common ownership. Because E.S. Real Estate Consortium believes that the services provided by our affiliated companies are the most effective and efficient method of achieving the objectives of our members, we encourage you to utilize their services. Please note, however, utilization of our affiliated companies is neither a requirement nor a condition of doing business with E.S. Real Estate Consortium.

Members should also be aware of their rights to seek out, at will, the guidance of non-affiliated companies that provide similar services.

Please note that all transactions between E.S. Real Estate Consortium, its affiliated companies and clients are strictly confidential, and shall not be disclosed in any manner or form, directly or indirectly, to any person or entity except as it may be necessary to effectuate the terms of any agreement between client and E.S. Real Estate Consortium or its affiliated companies.

Further, a member shall not discuss, comment upon, disparage, or disclose any information, in any manner or form, directly or indirectly to any person or entity.

Your Investment. Our Resources.